Hanshi Luis Morales – Richmond Hill

On Oct 25/14, Hanshi Luis Morales was in Richmond Hill, Ontario teaching some core aspects of Kenshi-Kai Okinawan Goju Ryu. The energy at the school was great as Hanshi Luis Morales kept everybody flowing through each the techniques throughout the seminar. Hanshi’s explanation of power zone, body position & quadrant theory as applied to joint locking was simple, clear and precise.  He offered a different insight into techniques that I have done for years, cleaning them up considerably. Some of the corrections I received throughout the seminar has opened my eyes to the hidden gems we tend to miss in our katas. I look forward to training again in the future.

Hanshi Morales  Richmond Hill, Ontario Oct 25/14

Hanshi Morales Richmond Hill, Ontario Oct 25/14


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