About Us


Sudbury School of Martial Arts maintains a progressive attitude in training while keeping with the positive morals and values of studying the traditional arts. The school offers instruction in  Goju Ryu Karate, Presas Arnis & Kickboxing Conditioning. We are the only affiliate school in Northern Ontario currently teaching the Filipino Martial Art of Presas Arnis

Our instructors uphold a high level of commitment towards the personal improvement of their students. We are a family oriented school with a positive training environment that helps a person grow in many facets of life.  Through training, our students will develop a healthy body, alert mind, increased energy and above all confidence that will be noticed by yourself as well as others..

Sudbury School of Martial Arts maintains an open attitude towards all styles of martial arts and martial artists. Our philosophy is to maintain an open mind and realize that you can learn something from martial art practitioners of any style or system.