WMAA Instructors Camp

SSOMA once again attend the WMAA Instructors Camp in West Seneca, New York throughout the weekend of July 24-26th.  It was a great weekend of training and comradery.

The camp started off on Friday with Datu Hartman covering double stick material along with the staff. It was a great review along with a good introduction to new material. Finished off the night with our guest instructor William Hartke bringing us through some DL basics.

Saturday morning began with Master Rich Parsons brining us through stick and dagger work.  The base was built off the sumbrada drill but Master Parsons injected a considerable amount more to bring the drill to another level. In the afternoon, Datu Hartman brought us through the Kuntaw empty hand forms that the Alliance is now following.  Master Parsons touched on some more stick and dagger work to complete the material from the morning. The training finished with working on blocking against the various striking styles.

Along with amazing training throughout the weekend, there was social aspect and comradery that keeps us close as group. Pizza and wings while watching the fights was a great finish to the day.

Sunday came to a close with Datu Tim reviewing and cleaning up the various aspects of the Astig Balintawak templates. Excellent finish to an incredible weekend.

WMAA Instructors Camp 1

The Canadian Connection of the World Modern Arnis Alliance

WMAA Instructors Camp 2

DL training with William Hartke

WMAA Instructors Camp

WMAA Instructors Camp


Datu Tim Hartman, my instructor and mentor

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