Goju Ryu Karate

Goju Ryu Karate taught at the school has evolved from the foundation of Japanese Goju Ryu karate adding the attributes from other karate system and martial art disciplines. The focus is on modern practices while maintaining traditional values. It is a modern, effective and dynamic system constantly evolving and improving by being open to influences and ideas from around the globe.

A heavy emphasis on proper basics is key in Goju Ryu Karate. This lays the foundation for the students as they progress through the ranks. The students will develop their strength, coordination, reaction time through regular kata (forms)  & bunkai (application) practice, self-defense drills, kickboxing, & weapons training (solo & partner).

Children’s Karate

The children’s program is designed for children ranging from 6 to 13 years old. Students will learn karate basics, self-defence, weapons and sparring which all serve to improve a child’s concentration, coordination and self-esteem. The classes are very dynamic and quick paced with an emphasis on positive encouragement.

Presas Arnis

Sudbury School of Martial Arts is the only affiliate school in Northern Ontario currently teaching the Filipino Martial Arts of Presas Arnis which comprises of Modern Arnis and Kombatan.

Modern Arnis is the system founded by the late Professor Remy Presas as a self-defense system. Students learn the fundamentals of natural movement and use the same patterns of attack and defense in response to each direction, type and intensity of attack. This is true regardless of whether they are holding a sword, dagger, stick or no weapon at all. Training covers empty-hand self-defense (striking, locking, throwing, etc.) but as with other fighting system from the Philippines, a huge emphasis in the training is on weapons such as single & double stick, sword & dagger, & dagger.

Kombatan was developed by Grandmaster Ernesto Presas of Negros Oriental Province in the Visayas. Kombatan is a composite of various classical and modern fighting systems used in the Philippines. As with most systems in the Philippines, a large emphasis of the training is on weapons such as single stick, double stick, dagger, stick & dagger and staff. An emphasis is placed on drills to train the student to react instinctively. Students are encouraged to develop their own “style” of techniques within the Kombatan framework.


Come and experience the fun and excitement! Our highly energetic and unique kickboxing classes will elevate your fitness to a new level.

Kick Butt
No experience is necessary. We understand that starting a new program can be intimidating especially if you are uncoordinated and out of shape. Our programs are designed in an easy to follow group exercise that keeps techniques simple for beginners, challenges our intermediate students and pushes the elite. Kickboxing is a skill-based exercise that allows the participant no limits to how far they can improve their technique and level of fitness. As you become more comfortable with your techniques, you increase the power on the bag, which creates a more intense workout.

Shape Up
Studies done comparing calorie burning activities puts kickboxing at the top. It’s a total body workout. Whether you’re punching or kicking, slipping or weaving, each movement requires the entire body. As you improve your technique you engage more muscles resulting in a complete body workout.

Have Fun
Staying motivated should never be harder than the workout. As a student you will find yourself focused on honing and improving you skills. By engaging your mental faculties and becoming focused on learning and refining your techniques, you’ll become highly motivated to attend classes to keep yourself clean and sharp.

Getting Started
Getting started is easy. Review our schedule to find a class time that suits your availability. Wear comfortable cloths, bring your water and enjoy the start of a new you.